What hacks do you need

What hacks you need for new games?

Well you probably think this is a stupid question. But indeed, when you start to play a new game, and wish for some cheat or hack, what is the first thing that you need? And we are not talking about the type of players who just enjoy having cheats and hacks for the games. We are talking about serious players, who would like to invest their time and energy in playing some video game, and yet they need some help for them. What is the most usual help they want, and what are the most often cheats looked for when it comes to those games?

Single play games

Single player games are getting rarer and rarer today. We are talking of course, about games which are intended only for singe play. Many of the games have single player component, but are in fact multiplayer titles. In most of them single player campaign is a sort of tutorial for using of weapons and equipment before player can dive into the world of multiplayer fun. Almost all first person shooter games today have mixed single player and multiplayer component today, but they are clearly intended for multiplayer. Let’s just mention Call of Duty, Battlefield…If we look at real single player titles, there are very few of them. These games are most like the old school games, which are all about player skills, smarts and effort. The cheats for these games are most likely to be the one which help player to overcome the difficult parts of the game. Cheats and hacks wanted for such games include unlimited energy, unlimited in-game currency (if any), special gear or equipment, hacks for setting character’s skills and abilities and other. Clearly, these games rarely need some other cheats and hacks. The situation is more interesting with multiplayer games, whether are they subscription payment model, or free to play, or pay to play model.

Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games are not just games which have multiplayer feature as only playing option. Take for example FIFA 15, famous soccer simulation for which we also made fantastic hacking tool (look for FIFA 15 Cheats tool on our site). Even though FIFA is a franchise which is essentially single player game, over the years it evolved into multiplayer title with its so called FUT mode (or Fifa ultimate team mode) which is definitely the main mode in the game. And you can guess that the main source of income for electronic arts is the premium currency (called FIFA coins) which is needed for about everything in FUT mode: players, consumables, team features etc. And trust me; the main cheat for FIFA 15 everyone is looking for is FIFA 15 coin generator. And it is even worse with the pure multiplayer games, especially MMORPGS. In these games, all that players want are cheats for premium currency or subscription payment. All other features in the game are easily playable, if you have enough money. And all the cheats are used for that.

Hacks in new games

Hacks before internet

We already discussed a bit about hacks made for older games. In fact, we can divide games into two groups. First group includes games before mass use of internet in homes. Before that, games were mostly single games, and only multiplayer aspect of games was so called “hot seat” option. This was popular term for players who were playing the same game on same machine (computer or console), usually by using dual interface (joystick or gamepad). With the possibilities for making local networks with more computers, some games started to use that possibility to present multiplayer mode for more players, where each one was using his own computer, and all were playing in the same network. But the real change came with wide use of internet. Only then the video games could explore their multiplayer possibilities. From the start, most competitive video games started to use this feature. Quake, Unreal tournament, Counter strike were some of the earlier titles using internet for real multiplayer experience. Soon, the whole new genre of massive multiplayer games of all kinds emerged. One of the most popular games in MMO world were certainly the MMORPGS or massive multiplayer online role playing games, beginning with Everquest, Age of Camelot, Anarchy online, Ultima online and many other. However, in 2004 a game emerged which would make a new global phenomenon over the years. Of course, we are talking about World of Warcraft. With more than 10 years of playing experience, this game is definitely the most successful MMO game of all times. However, in the meantime more successful MMO games appeared, including such mega hits like League of Legends (for which you can download our special League of Legends hack tool from this site). All of these games had some new features which completely changed the world of hackers too. Old hacks were focused on single player games where biggest problem was in the difficulty of the game. Players in old games were limited by number of lives or number of tries for finishing the whole game, rising difficulty of the game which demanded incredible reflexes, skills or intelligence in order to finish it. Hacks and cheats for those old games were focused on making them easier for players. So they were all about unlimited number of lives, unlimited energy, unlimited ammo (in shooter games), but that was pretty much all of it. Of course, we don’t count simple cracked games, which were common then as they are common today. But, hacks and cheats for games changed a lot with coming and developing of real MMO games which are today more than 50% of the video game market. Let’s see what is so different with those games.

hacker methods

Hacks and cheats for MMO games

Simply said, MMO games are not so difficult, but they demand more time, more money and more energy than any of the older games. In fact, they are pretty simple, but time consuming. Maybe we can compare them with soap operas. They tend to prolong the playtime as much as possible. It is done with the use of many tricks, which will be discussed in some other article. The main question is why these games are so prolonged today? Why is their main purpose to keep the player tied to them as long as possible? The answer is really simple: as long as the player is playing the video game today, he is spending money. And we don’t think just about the games with monthly subscription method. Monthly subscription is old payment model, and today it is almost forgotten, because of the new model, so called “free to play” payment model. And of course, this payment model is theoretically free to play, but in reality it is proved to be so more expensive than other payments models that nearly all games made today has it as main payment model. And now the answer to the question from the beginning of the text comes. What is the difference between hacks and cheats for old and new games? Old games were difficult, and cheats were about helping the player to play the game. New games are too expensive, and hacks and cheats are all about helping the player to play games for free.

Hacks and cheats in older video games

Why do you need hack tool for your favorite game? This maybe looks like a simple question, but the answer is surprisingly complicated. Many people don’t even think about this question. In fact, I think that the answer is really complex because there is no unique reason for using hack tools, cheats or trainer programs for video games. Video game is supposed to be fun, but also challenging. The challenge is in some goal, which player must achieve if he wants to, how we say, finish the game. Older video games were made mostly like other games which were played during that time. If we take the example of existing social and logic table top games that existed before the era of video games, we can see that all of them have some clear objective. In every solitaire game of cards the objective is to arrange all cards in correct order. If the card game is about two or more players who are playing against each other, the goal is to win the game against all other opponents. In some logic games, like mahjong, the objective is to clear all dominoes from the table by removing same pairs. The objective is to “beat the game”. So, every game is essentially about winning the game or winning against opponent. First video games which appeared were made in the same manner. They had simple goals and objectives. However, all of them were really difficult, and requires high level of skill and thinking (for logic or adventure games) or uncanny reflexes, for arcade, platform and action and shooting games. To make things even harder, players were handicapped with additional rules and limitations. Most usual limitation was number of tries for solving the game, or number of lives in action and shooter video games. There were more of things which made games harder to finish, and players who were able to finish some games became real legends in game world. However, over the years things changed, both for better and worse. For better, well, games changes a lot; mostly because, they are not so hard anymore. I don’t even want to talk about all advances in graphics and sound. Changes in graphics and sound quality are mostly thanks to the advances in computer technology. However, over the years games became more complex and richer in content. In the same time, they became easier to play, and available for playing in larger group of players. This is also seen when we look over the hacks and cheats used in earlier years and compare them with hacks and cheats used today. For older games, almost exclusively, hacks and cheat tools were about unlimited number of lives, or unlimited energy. For shooter games, there were popular hacks for unlimited ammo and bombs. But, more or less, that was it. Hacking video games was about making them easier for players, by given unlimited number of lives, or unlimited ammo. Modern cheats which are expected to find these days were absolutely not required then. Let’s see what happened in the meantime, and in the same time look at some things which changed to worse (at least, in my opinion) for video games over the years.

Hacks and cheats in new video games

As years passed, video games changed and became more and more popular. They became the everyday thing in home, like the TV. As more and more people played video games they started to change. First of all, they became more complex and complicate to play. Especially for people who didn’t have previous experience with that sort of game, it was nearly impossible to learn how to play in short time. Game developers started to include special tutorials in the games, especially made for players to learn how to play the game. On the other hand, games started to have save options (yes, most of the early games didn’t have that feature, because it was possible to finish whole game in less than an hour or so) so the player got the possibility to load the last saved position from the point where he failed and try it again. Soon this became the practice in most of the games, and the system with limited “lives” was changed for system with saved positions, or in earlier cases, system with saving points. Save point was the kind of a checkpoint, the moment or place in game where your position would automatically be saved. This feature was popular in old games and especially in video games for consoles, because they had less space for save positions. Today, there is no point to have games with limited lives; even the checkpoint feature is obsolete. Only the most difficult games (like dark souls for example) have extremely difficult gameplay and on top of that, they punish player for dying in game. However, modern internet technology also brought new features in games: multiplayer option. Of course, multiplayer was possible for older games too, but it was strict multiplayer on same machine, usually for two players who played simultaneously, either in cooperation, or against each other. With the advance and local networks becoming available, games got their first massive multiplayer features. But with coming of internet a real massive multiplayer online games could be made. But that is another story.